IMG 0996 Los Angeles Debate Intensive
Matching My Goals…
I appreciated the tailored nature of curriculum; every day seemed to exactly match my goals for the year.
— Alex Zhao
Caliber Of Instructor Quality…
Having been to camp two times previously, I can guarantee your other options as a student won’t have the same caliber of instructor quality.
— Srivatsav Pyda
I liked how pressure free it was... LADI was open to many questions and would explain without limit so that we can understand fully.
— Christine Youn
Very Personalized…
The camp session felt very personalized and addressed the specific issues I had, helping me to improve.
— Yeji Cho, Grade 9
Amazing Counselors…
It is a chance to learn from amazing counselors … I learned things that I didn’t even know existed!
— Joshua Chung, Grade 9
Friends And Fun…
Friends and fun... Honestly it isn’t like any other camp!
— Melissa Qin, Grade 8

We are Los Angeles’ newest Lincoln-Douglas debate camp. With incredibly qualified staff and a rigorous curriculum, LADI is the summer camp to attend.

Quality Instructors

LADI hand-picks the best instructors in the nation, ensuring that even novices receive only the top-quality instruction. LADI is the only camp in the country to train our instructors to fit each student’s learning style.

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Personalized Environment

Unlike larger debate camps, LADI’s small size allows our instructors to build a curriculum tailored to each student. Our instructors devote individual attention to each student—which many camps reserve for top students—to improve fundamental skills vital for success.

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Argument Innovation

LADI emphasizes creative new arguments so you can set the next season’s argumentative trends, not just follow them. At LADI, you’ll learn how to develop strategies that will help you perform at your highest level during the next season.

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